Control and monitor the security of your business with these state-of-the-art access control systems from Pro-Line. These advanced security technologies provide access solutions to any size facility. We provide a complete line of access devices including card readers, keypads and electric and magnetic locks. Whether you need a complex access control system or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your business’ needs. Manage all access to your business with an advanced protection system from Pro-Line.

We also provide installation and repair of enterphone, intercom and overhead door entry systems. For more information please contact us!


Key Benefits:

  • Monitor and control who is entering and exiting the building
  • Detailed logs of any normal/abnormal events
  • Provide a safer working environment for employees, visitors and clients
  • Web based access control
  • Managed access control without the hassle of service contracts
  • Control access to an entire facility, specific parts of a building and/or individual rooms
  • Controlled access provides a visual theft deterrence and an added sense of security
  • Effective visitor management allows for easy tracking and control of who gets where, and when
  • Integrates seamlessly with intrusion and surveillance platforms


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