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Taylor - Owner

Gaining his foothold in the security industry in 2012, Taylor quickly progressed through several skill-sets as a technician for a BC-based security company and became an accomplished technician in a short time. Upon completing his ITA certification late 2014, Taylor decided that he could provide a better, more efficient service to customers. Thus Pro-Line Technical was born, and Taylor has striven to grow from a small startup to a professionally recognized company servicing clients from all backgrounds and industries.

As a technician, Taylor jumps at every opportunity to update and expand his repertoire of knowledge, attending technical and manufacturer training events whenever possible. He has had the privilege of designing/implementing several large scale installations, building the habits necessary to ensure equipment is properly installed and commissioned, on or ahead of schedule.

Current Technical Certifications:

  • ITA BC Security Systems Technician (2014)

  • Crestron CTI-P101 (2015)

  • Kantech Entrapass Corporate (2015)

  • Technical Safety BC LO FSR (2016)

  • Milestone MCIT (2016, 2019)

  • Milestone MCDE (2016, 2019)